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Welcome to Antique bookcases Melbourne

Visit antiques bookcase Melbourne and you will find a large selection of quality antiques bookcase at great prices and have thirty in years’ experience in sourcing quality and value. We have built our business on providing good and friendly service counting free delivery in Melbourne and financial support for interstate and country clients.

Buyers guide containing images and product links for a range of bookcases in every design and style accessible. Welcome to our buyers guide for bookcases, here an inside look into the wide world of bookcases style and design, generous you the information you need to acquisitions the best model for your home and life.

Our modern style creations, mixing metal and white laminate in an angular minimalist design to striking effect. Follow along as we spell out the major design philosophies, build materials and style options of this astonishingly diverse furniture type. From the standard, wood, traditional bookcases your grandparents may have treasured to the far end of exotic, fresh constructions, we cover the whole thing you will need to make a well-versed decision when purchasing your own bookcase.


The first decision you all want to make when seeking a new bookcases determination be what type of design you need in your home.

Standard design

Standard design bookcase will be a large and single piece of furniture with an array of horizontal shelving, support walls and a backing wall the most common construction material is wood, but you may find them in every material offered.

Cube bookcases

Cube bookcases as the name suggests feature a series of cubic spaces to store your books and things. The intentions are either square or rectangular framed to accompany a regular array of cubes.

Modular bookcases

Modular bookcase come in sets of two or more. These are designed to connect or rest against each other in arrays of your own choosing. Often appearing in cube based configurations, these model are expected to be tailored to your needs and can be added upon after purchase.


The barrister bookcase enterprise was originally crafted to assist lawyer in the storage and mobility of their broad law book collections. As, such they feature doors with often smoked glass to keep the books in place as the unit is moved.


Intended to mimic the look and feel of factory equipment, industrial style furniture often features bold, strong metallic structure and shopworn wood. These bookstands will give a durable, masculine look to any space.


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Welcome to Antique bookcases Melbourne
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